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Moana Jokes

You've got to SEA these hilarious Moana jokes! Check them out!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 20th 2022

These Moana jokes really ROCK! We've put together some of the funniest Moana jokes around, so take a look! You're welcome! And if you like these, why not have a look at our Lightning Macqueen jokes for more Disney fun? Or say Aloha to these Lilo and Stich jokes for more island based lols! We've even got to Tangled jokes for you to comb through! And as always, check out loads more jokes on our main jokes hub!

Why can’t Maui float?

Because he's The Rock!

What do you get if you cross a famous painting and a Disney princess?

The Moana Lisa!

Why do Moana's family love coconuts so much?

They're a little nutty!

How does Moana laugh?

With a low-ha!

Why is Moana so hard to watch?

It's heart-wrenching!

What type of song is 'You're Welcome?'

A Rock song!

Why did the Kakamora stop chasing Moana?

They ran out of juice!

Why did Tamatoa want to keep all his treasure?

Because he was shellfish!

What does Tamatoa call his home?


What does Tamatoa do with his phone?

Take lots of shell-fies!

What did the ocean do when it saw Moana?

It waved!

Why did Moana blush?

Because the seaweed!

Where does Tamatoa go to sleep?

The sea bed!

What should you give Pua if he gets sick?


What's Moana's favourite movie?

Titanic, because it features The Heart of the Ocean!

What do you get if you cross Pua from Moana and a cactus?

A porky-pine!

Why did Heihei cross the road?

To show he wasn't chicken!

What is Heihei's favourite thing to dance to?

Henhouse music!

Why did Heihei want to go on the ocean?

He was feeling cooped up!

What happened when Tamatoa needed to sell all his treasure?

He went to a prawn-broker!