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The Ultimate Super Mario Quiz!

Think-a you know-a Nintendo's favourite dungaree model? Oh no you Nintendon't! Take our massive Super Mario Quiz to prove us wrong...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 21st 2021

It's time you took our epic Super Mario quiz!

Are you Super Mari-no or Super Mari-WHOA? Your answers to these questions will help us decide...

Super Mario Quiz

1/25 Man with Italy flag and question mark

Where is Mario supposedly from?

2/25 Super Mario
Super Mario | Nintendo

Where did the game originate?

3/25 Plumber with yellow splat and arrow on white background

What is Mario's job?

4/25 Super Mario
Super Mario | Nintendo

What's Mario's brother called?

5/25 Super Mario
Super Mario | Nintendo

Who created Mario?

6/25 Donkey Kong

Mario's first appearance was in Donkey Kong, but which year did it come out?

7/25 Mario in Donkey Kong

Mario's name wasn't fully decided at the time โ€“ what was he known as in the Donkey Kong days?

8/25 Donkey Kong Jr

What is unique about Mario's role in the game Donkey Kong Junior?

9/25 Princess Peach

What is Princess Peach also known as?

10/25 Bowser

What species is Bowser?

11/25 Who is this?

Who is this?

12/25 Super Mario Bros, which might or might not have come first

Which of these games came first?

13/25 Mario and Luigi

Which of these sentences is true about Mario and Luigi?

14/25 Mario 64

Mario went 3D in Super Mario 64, but in what year?

15/25 Super Mario Odyssey

Mario's hat is a character in the new game Super Mario Odyssey. What's it called?

16/25 What is this game?

What is this game?

17/25 Super Mario

How many Mario games have been sold?

18/25 Wario

Wario is Mario's nemesis, but what colour are his dungarees?

19/25 Mario playing a sport

Which of these sports is there NOT a Mario game based around?

20/25 Mario in Zelda

Mario makes a tiny cameo in two Zelda games โ€“ but in what form?

21/25 Mario's raccoon-y outfit

What is the actual name of the raccoon-y outfit Mario wears?

22/25 Loads and loads of Mario games

How many games in total has Mario appeared in?

23/25 Super Mario Bros., the very bad film
Hollywood Pictures

There was a very bad movie based on Super Mario Bros. The movie version of which game character is talking to Daisy here?


Mario actually owns Donkey Kong.ย True or false?


When was Super Mario Kart released for the SNES?

Mario thinks you are dreadful, just dreadful

Super Mari-NO! NO NO NO!

Mario reckons you can do better next time, really

Super Mari-oh dear - have another go!

Mario stoked at how well you did

You got more than half, which is great โ€“ like how Bowser would feel if he killed Luigi and hurt Mario! Wait, no, he's the baddie...


Super Mario? More like Pretty Flippin' Good Mario!


Super Duper Mari-WHOA! Your knowledge is scarily good. Are you a part-time plumber?