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Max Woosey’s London Zoo Takeover!

Find out why Max Woosey is packing his tent for London Zoo, even after camping out for a year!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 5th 2021

Here at Beano, we love to hear how our friends are doing, so we were really pleased to find out our pal Max Woosey is getting his tent out again!

Max made headlines in the UK last year by camping out for a whopping 12 months to raise support for charity and now his unfurling his sleeping bag once more to and this time, he’s becoming a zoo keeper – for the night!

Max's sleep out in London Zoo. 5/7/21

Max will assist the zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo by helping to care for some of the zoo’s 20,000 animals – carrying out duties such as preparing late night snacks for the Zoo’s two porcupines, scattering nuts and seeds for the gorillas to find in Gorilla Kingdom, and laying a scent trail for Sumatran tiger Asim to follow in his Tiger Territory home - before bedding down in his own tent.

Max's sleep out in London Zoo. 5/7/21

‘Zookeeper’ Max is asking the public to boycott their bed for Action for Children by joining families across the country on 9th July in a national sleep-out in the most unusual place they can think of – whether it’s camping out under the stars or under the stairs or bunking down in the bathroom or joining Nature Nights at the Zoo.

Max's sleep out in London Zoo. 5/7/21

Action for Children’s national sleep out night will take place on Friday 9th July, so if you want to be like Max and do some creative camping, find out how to get involved HERE!