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20 Tiger Jokes Which Are Absolutely Grrrrreat!

These jokes will have your roaring with laughter!

Tigers are known for their hunting prowess, but did you know they’re actually one of the funniest animals on earth? In jungle comedy clubs, you’ll often see them trying out their stand-up routine in front of packed audiences. OK, that’s something we made up. But there’s tonnes of jokes about tigers and here are the best 20!

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What kind of cheese do tigers prefer?


What do you call a tiger on the beach?

A selection of flip flops

Sandy Claws!

Why did Tiger Woods return his donuts?

There was a hole in one!

Why do tigers have stripes?

They don’t want to be spotted!

What do you call a female tiger?


What did the tiger say to the antelope?

Pleased to eat you!

What does a tiger wear in the winter?

A stripy jumper!

How do you take a tiger’s temperature?

With great care!

How do tigers prefer to have their meat?


What’s orange and black and spins around?

A tiger on a merry-go-round!

What did the vain tiger say when they looked in the mirror?


Which moth can eat a deer in one gulp?

A tiger moth!

Which flower is most likely to bite you?

 A grinning white tiger and a shocked emoji face

A tiger lily!

What’s a tiger’s favourite day of the week?


What do you get when you cross a tiger and a snowman?


What is a tiger’s favourite Christmas song?

A laughing Christmas tree in front of a Christmas themed red background

Jungle bells!

Whats striped and bouncy?

A tiger on a trampoline!

Why did the tiger lose at a game of Monopoly?

They were playing with a cheetah!

What did the tiger say after they ate a joke book?

I feel funny!

Why is a tiger like an army sergeant?

They both wear stripes!