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Meet the World’s Worst Bully

Beano News wants to understand bullies better - by meeting the world’s worst bully!

As everyone knows, bullying is bad news.

So for this year’s anti-bullying week, Beano News has tried to understand bullies better – by tracking down and speaking to the world’s worst bully.

But what makes this bully so bad at being bad, you might well ask?

Well, unlike your average day-to-day schoolyard bully, this bad-boy is just too nice to be bad – and when a bully isn’t bad, can they even be a bully at all?

Of course, this bully certainly tries his best to be bad! But the truth is he can’t quite convince other people he’s horrible and so his plans often end up making people feel good about themselves instead!

And what happens when people feel good about themselves? Well, the world becomes a better place, that’s what – even for bullies!

And finally…

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes so if you or someone you know is experiencing problems, remember to let someone know or visit the YoungMinds advice page here for help and support.

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