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MONSTA X Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Hey Monbebe! How much do you know about Monsta X?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 7th 2022

There’s a whole internet worth of reasons why you should love Monsta X and be part of their Monbebe fandom! Obviously there’s the original Monsta X music, but don’t forget all the mash-ups, collabs, and covers too. Plus the appearances on shows like the Masked Singer! There’s more? Yes, you bet. They all seem like thoroughly nice people too! No wonder there’s so many Monbebes! But how much of a Monbebe are you?

@MonstaX | Instagram

What song won Monsta X their first win on a music show?


What makes Wonho cry?

3/10 A man eating a snack

Who’s the Dad of the group? Clue: He has muscles and a chiselled jaw!

@MonstaX | Instagram

Who is this Monsta X guy?

@MonstaX | Instagram

Who’s this guy?

@MonstaX | Instagram

And this guy?

@MonstaX | Instagram

And who’s this one?


What is Joohoney/Jooheon’s special talent?


Which of these is an IM solo track?


10/10 Minhyuk is famously scared of which vegetable?

You’re 0% Monbebe. Maybe you don’t really heart Monsta X at all? Check out some of their stuff online and you’ll be a Monbebe in no time! In the meantime enjoy these cats pretending to be Monsta X!

@MonstaX | Instagram

50% Monbebe! You’re a big fan of Monbebe but not in a obsessive way (not a bad thing tbh) Check out some of their stuff online and see if you can increase you Monbebe rating!

@MonstaX | Instagram

75% Monbebe. You’re a serious Monsta X superfan who probably spends way too long listening to Monsta X. Well done you!

@MonstaX | Instagram

100% Monbebe! Oh. My. Days. You are so Monbebe you probably invented the word Monbebe. You know more about Monsta X than they know about themselves!