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No Good Nick Quiz For Mortal Frenemies

Love drama? Rivalry? Pizza? Then you must already know all about No Go Nick! Find out how much do you know about this awesome show with this epic Netflix quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 13th 2024

No Good Nick is an amazing idea for a show, and there are plenty of great characters and enough twists and turns to keep anyone happy! Now you won't find any spoilers in this fun TV quiz - but you will find 10 questions that'll test your knowledge of this epic Netflix show!

Are you ready to find out if you're a No Good Nick expert? Let's get quizzing!

1/10 An armadillo looks at the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

What city is the show set in?

No Good Nick | Netflix

What is Nick's surname?

No Good Nick | Netflix

Who shares their room with Nick?

No Good Nick | Netflix

Who calls Jeremy "the enemy"?

5/10 The Moon looking cool

What is the Thompson family's restaurant called?

No Good Nick | Netflix

Xuan is... what?


Where is Nick's dad?

8/10 A theif trying to steal a car

Who taught Nick how to be a con artist?

9/10 A chef looking worried

Who sends cameras into the Crescendo?


What does Tolentino's sell?

No Good Nick | Netflix

Uh oh! Never mind - this probably isn't your favourite show... so let's just forget about this score and move on. You can have another go and try to score a bit higher, or we can just try a different quiz entirely! Better luck next time!

No Good Nick | Netflix

This is not bad at all! You know a thing or two about this quiz! Now, Nick doesn't look too impressed - but we've seen worse scores! Do you fancy seeing if you can beat this score on a different TV quiz? We have lots more where this one came from!

No Good Nick | Netflix

Very nice indeed! You know loads about this score! Well done - this is very almost a perfect score! You just missed out on one or two right answers. Do you know which ones? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different TV quiz - we have loads more where this one came from!

No Good Nick | Netflix

Woah! This is an amazing score! You know absolutely everything there is to know about No Good Nick! Well done! Now, you can't improve on this perfect score - but you might be able to match it on a different TV quiz. Up for the challenge? Let's find out!