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Obscure 90s Trivia: Can You Master It?

How well do YOU know your obscure 90s trivia? It's time to put your knowledge to the ultimate test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 30th 2021

The Fresh Prince, Jurassic Park, The Spice Girls, Friends… we all know and love the pop-cultural touchstones of the 1990s. But do you know your 90s deep dives? Your Seal from your Saved by The Bell? Then put your obscure 90s trivia to the test and take the quiz! For more timely trivia why not try your luck testing your 90s TV Knowledge, or maybe something more musical with the Ultimate 90s Music Quiz! 

1/10 Posh mansion with a question mark

Let's start easy... where was Will Smith the Fresh Prince of?

2/10 A woman listens to music on big headphones while a cat sings along

Which band scored a number one hit in 1990 with the song 'Hold On'?

3/10 90s girls posing for a photo

Complete the TV show title - 'Beverley Hills...

4/10 peanut in the grass

What was the name of a popular 90s Disney movie about some extremely small children?

5/10 A space shuttle going into space

In 1996 the band Babylon Zoo scored a European smash one-hit-wonder with which song, featured in a Levi's ad?

6/10 A vampire recoiling from a juicy steak

What was the name of the spin-off series to 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer'?

7/10 Motley collection of Ghostbusters, one has a little beard

Who this?

8/10 90s cassette tape

What were an astonishing 61 million people using in 1994, that is now obsolete?

9/10 Dawson crying
Dawson's Creek | Sony Pictures | The WB

Who was the only character to appear in all 126 episodes of the TV show 'Dawson's Creek'?

10/10 Music gig

In 1999, who were the best-selling musical artists in their native USA?

Awesome! You got a PERFECT score! There's no doubt about it, you're an obscure 90s EXPERT. An absolutely N-Synctastic result, well done!

Well done! While not an absolutely PERFECT score, you certainly know your obscure 90s trivia. An impressive result, good job!

Not the worst score in the world - this was a very tough quiz - but you could do a little better! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Oh no! It seems you may need to do a little work on your obscure 90s trivia! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?