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20 Funniest One Direction Jokes for Kids

If you do One Thing today, check out these hilarious One Direction jokes! They're the Best Jokes Ever!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

These One Direction jokes are funny because they don't know they're funny! Check out these lolsome 1D jokes and have a laugh! And if you liked these, how about checking more One Direction awesomeness here? Or maybe you're in the mood to quiz yourself on everyone One Direction! You might even fancy these hilarious Harry Styles jokes! And of course there's even more laughs over on our jokes hub!

Who is the best dressed member of One Direction?

Harry STYLEs!

Why did Niall take a job as a tube drive on the Circle Line?

Because it only goes in One Direction!

Why did Zayn fail his driving test?

He only went in one direction!

Why was Harry Styles sad?

He just got One Rejection!

What were One Direction doing in the wig shop?

Looking for hairy styles!

What do you call a boyband that isn't very good?

One Rejection!

Why was the Cul De Sac named after Liam Payne?

Because it only went in One Direction!

What do you call a One Direction cover band?

The Other Direction!

What's got a mean face and created One Direction?

Simon Scowl!

Where did Zayn go after he left One Direction?

The Ex Factor!

I hate One Direction Fans...

I like the whole room to be cool!

What happens if your hair grows in one direction?

You have a hairy style!

How well did Harry Styles do on his maths test?

Good, he had just One Correction!

Why did One Direction refuse to believe that Zayn had left?

They were in de-Niall!

Why was Liam upset when he stubbed his toe?

He was in a lot of Payne!

Why did the One Direction song flop?

It was too Zayn-y!

What do you call a hologram boyband?

One Projection!

Why should you call a boyband if you're in danger?

For One Protection!

What do you call a boyband that can tell the future?

One Prediction!

What do you call a Spanish boyband?

Juan Direction!