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10 Harry Styles Jokes & Puns That Are Very Funny

Check out these punderful Harry Styles jokes! These funny Harry Styles jokes really have the X Factor!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  May 30th 2022

These Harry Styles jokes are sure to result in smiles! Check out these funny jokes all about the best member of One Direction! And if you enjoyed these, why not have a look at our The Voice jokes? Or maybe you're in the mood for some brilliant Biscuit jokes? Who nose, you might even be into these silly snot jokes! And you can see even more great gags on our jokes hub!

Who's the best dressed member of One Direction?

Harry Style(s)!

Why was the cul de sac named after Harry Styles?

Because it only went in One Direction!

What do you call a werewolf who is also a popstar?

Hairy Styles!

Why does Harry styles play baseball?

Because he has perfect pitch!

Why did Harry Styles become a pirate?

To hit the high cs!

Which member of One Direction opened up a Dentists?

Harry Smiles!

Why does Harry Styles keep splitting up with his girlfriends?

He's got the X Factor!

Harry Styles is getting into classical music

He thinks it'll be a great opera-tunity!

Who is Harry Style's best friend?

Simon Pal!

Which member of One Direction became a bathroom designer?

Harry Tiles!