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Snot Jokes

Check out this gross list of freshly squeezed Snot Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 14th 2022

What’s snot to like about a whole list of Snot Jokes! Who nose where it will lead? Let’s hope we don’t blow it! When you’ve finished this list (and wiped yourself clean) why not take The Ultimate Human Body Quiz! or Take The Funny Body Parts Quiz! Let’s hope you know your Glutimus Maximus from your elbow!

Did you hear about the snot that went surfing?

Total wipe out!

Did you hear about the snot that went surfing?

It got caught in a drip tide!

What did the snot say to the person wiping their nose?

Hankie very much!


These jokes are SNOT funny!

Gross Jokes
Gross Jokes

You think my nose is runny?

It’s snot!

Lord Nelsnot excelled at Nasal Academy…

He was great at tying snots!

I remember when I was a toddler I had a snot problem…

It’s very nosetalgic!

What’s the best book to read when you’ve got a runny nose?

Phlegmony Snicket!

I thought I had something up my nose…

When I looked in the mirror there was snot!

What does a snail call their nose?

A double barrelled snot gun!

Is that snail slime on your jumper?

It’s snot!

What do you call a small nose?

Slim Pickings

Why was the snot sad at football practice?

It didn’t get picked!

Where does Snot go for lunch?

Booger King

Why was the snot tired?

It was wiped out!

What do you say when you have too much snot?

A tissue!

Did you hear about the Sherpa who had a runny nose?

He was a Mountain Slimer!

Why did the man chase his nose?

Because it was running

What colour is snot?

Slime Green

Where does the word “snot” come from?

It’s Phlegmish!

What does a kitten have up her nose?