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Take The Funny Body Parts Quiz!

What’s the lump on your ankle called? Who is that bit of your kidney named after? If you don’t know the answers to those question you might need to take this funny body parts quiz.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 31st 2021

This funny body parts quiz will help you take your knowledge of the weird and wonderful parts of the human body to whole new level. Impress your friends with your in depth knowledge of the human body (We’re assuming they are the sort of people who would be impressed by this kind of thing). If you like this quiz check out our biology quiz and our hilarious skeleton jokes!


What is the other name for a humerus. Clue: It’s the bone that your elbow that feels all weird when you knock it.


2/20 What is your Hallux?


How long do people spend on the toilet in an average lifetime?


The Lacrimul Punctum (a small hole in your eyelid) allows for tears to be drained into the nose. Some people can use it to squirt milk from their nose out of their eye. True or False


You fart enough in one day to fill a birthday balloon. True or False

6/20 A green cloud of gas

If you popped a fart filled balloon what’s the main gas that would escape?


Jacobsen’s Organ is present in the nose of most mammals. It allows them to smell certain romantic pheromones. What’s special about Jacobson’s Organ in humans


Which is the smaller lung? In real life - we’re not talking about the comedy lungs in the picture!


What is the name of the groove that runs from below your nose to your top lip?


Most humans have lost the ability to flex their auricular muscles. Those that still can have what special ability?

11/20 A duck saying hello

The arrector pili muscle is a tiny muscle at the base of each hair follicle connecting it to the skin tissue. When it tenses the hair stands on end. What is this effect known as?

12/20 A grossed out person

Your toenails continue growing after you die. True or False


Human sweat is chemically the same substance as stinky skunk spray. True or False


Before they are born, humans have a tail. True or False?

15/20 A person clearly keen on doing homework

How many times on average do you blink in a minute?


Your ears never stop growing no matter how old you are. Is this true?


Ear wax is a special type of ear sweat. True or False?


How much nasal mucus (aka snot) does a nose produce every day?

19/20 A scientist wearing a big glove

Your cartilage (the cushioning stuff where your bones meet) is squidgy. This means you shrink during the day as it gets compressed. True or False


Most people actually have two hearts. One much tougher and is used in reserve when the first heart gets tired. True or False?

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