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Personality Quiz: Avengers Endgame – Which Infinity Stone Matches Your Personality?

Ever wondered which Infinity Stone matches your personality? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's do this!

1/10 A tired sloth

What are you like in the mornings?

2/10 A waving bear

How would other people describe you?

3/10 A man vacuuming the carpet
Bounce TV | Giphy

Are you tidy?

4/10 A school bag and an Infinity Gauntlet

What's in your school bag?

5/10 A former President laughing at a computer screen

What do you like to do after school?

6/10 Milk pouring into a bowl of breakfast cereal

What's your idea of the perfect breakfast?

7/10 Open hardback book on wooden table and green background

How much time do you spend reading every week?

8/10 A ring-tailed lemur looking shocked

What's your favourite animal?

9/10 A young chef doused in  a load of yellow sauce
MasterChef Junior | Giphy

What's your favourite sauce?

10/10 A young man wearing an Infinity Gauntlet
Because Science | Giphy

Do you ever wear gloves?

Green infinity stone
SoulinertiaDesigns | Etsy

The Green Infinity Stone – Time!

Just like the TV remote, The Time Stone allows you to fast-forward or rewind time. As someone who tends to get bored in school, this is perfect!

Yellow infinity stone
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The Yellow Infinity Stone – Mind!

The Mind Stone helps you control the minds of others. As someone who tends to forget their homework, this will help you convince teachers you've already handed it in!

Red infinity stone
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The Red Infinity Stone – Reality!

In the Marvel Universe, The Reality Stone is used to turn things into dark matter. That's not why this is the perfect stone for you. You'd rather use it to play pranks and get into mischief!

Blue infinity stone
SoulinertiaDesigns | Etsy

The Blue Infinity Stone – Space!

You like to do lots of different things but can't be everywhere at once. The Space Stone will help you go from one part of the universe to another without having to catch the bus!