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Personality Quiz: Design A Roblox Game And We’ll Tell You What Job You’ll Do When You Grow Up!

Find out your future career by creating your very own Roblox game!

Good luck!

1/10 A man looks at a Pirate Simulator game on a desktop computer

What will your game be called?

2/10 A woman thinks about the story of her Roblox game

What's the object of the game?

3/10 An arrow pointing to Earth

Where is the game set?

4/10 A pair of hands hold some wireless headphones

What sort of music plays during the game?

5/10 A man and dog enjoy a video game

How many players is it for?

6/10 A Roblox chef
Food Empire | Roblox

Is there a food element to the game?

7/10 A winged dog
An Animal's Life | Roblox

Can you choose to be an animal in the game?

8/10 A man shrugging

How do you know if you're doing well?

9/10 A pair of sunglasses

Can you customise your player?

10/10 Roblox Tycoon

Can you sell items to other players?

Pizza taster

You will be a: PIZZA TASTER!

Is this the greatest job in the world? It might just be!

A man dressed in a bee costume

You will be a: PROFESSIONAL BEE!

This occupation will keep you as busy as a… Let's just say you're going to have to make lots of honey now.

A footballer with a skilled left foot


It's an actual job, we imagine. 

A toe doctor examining a big bandaged foot

You will be a: TOE DOCTOR!

You're a big toe specialist and will have to examine lots of stinky feet! Urgh!

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