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Numerous: Trivia Quiz - Are You A Gem Genius?

Do you have the knowledge and skill to beat this renegade Roblox quiz?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2024

There are loads and loads of Robloxers out there, you could even say there are Numerous! But we’re only going to focus on one today, it just so happens that they’re called ‘Numerous’! So if you think you’ve got the quiz knowledge to set yourself apart from the rest and prove to your friends that you’re the real Roblox legend, then look no further than this quiz! So let’s get started!


What type of videos does Numerous make?


What game does Numerous play?


Where is Numerous based?


What colour is Numerous’ normal hat?


Numerous’ character is made out of what state of water?


A real brain tickler, what is the science-y name for water?


What is their STARCODE?


What simulator game does Numerous like the most?


What colour is Numerous’ jumper?


How do you travel around zones in Pet Simulator 99?

Oh dear, it looks like maybe you missed the boat on this quiz! Maybe this whole time you were looking at your screen the wrong way around or something? Or maybe you’ve never actually heard of Numerous before today - whatever the reason it’s fine! You can always try the quiz again another time?!

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere, you’ve clearly watched at least one of Numerous’ videos which shows. But there is definitely quite a lot of room to improve before you can call yourself the Numerous expert, or even a Numerous regular! So why not go back and check out some of the other videos he’s got on his channel and then make your way back!

Nice! You’ve done really well on this quiz! You know almost everything that there is to know about Numerous and their epic style of video making! Not many people get this far so you’ve done really well to smash it as well as you have! You very nearly got 100% though - do you think you’ve got it in the tank to score full marks!? Wanna find out? Well you better reboot this page and give it a whirl!

Amazing! You’ve crushed this quiz into tiny pieces and turned it back into something else entirely different! Well done! There is literally nothing that you don’t know about Numerous and his unique style of Roblox gameplay - nice one! But now you’ve smashed this, what’s next? Where do you go now? Well why not get out some of the other videos on the site and see if you can beat them too?! Just a thought!