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Personality Quiz: It’s a Big, Wide World Out There, So Where on Earth Should You Live?

Somewhere hot? Somewhere cold? Or just somewhere mum and dad can't make you do your homework? No need to think too much, just click the pic you like to find out...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1/12 Pick a food


2/12 Okay. How about your fave animal?


3/12 How will you keep yourself entertained? Pick some of this stuff to take with you, that's how!


4/12 Wherever you are, you'll watch TV. What's your favourite show?


5/12 So, how you going to travel? Choose a mode of transport, that's how!


6/12 Choose an activity


7/12 What's your favourite kind of landscape?


8/12 Right. Time to choose a flag. Which one tickles your fancy?


9/12 You've got to take a friend travelling. Which celeb would you choose?


10/12 What kind of weather would suit your style?


11/12 Alright, this could be the most important question of the whole quiz... who's your favourite Harry Potter character?


12/12 And finally, you've gotta keep refreshed. What's your drink of choice?

You should live in... Africa

Great choice!Africa is home to wonderful wildlife and amazing scenery.Just remember to pack your sun lotion, it's hot out there.

You should live in... Europe

Good decision. Europe is full of so many famous places, you'll never be short of something fun to do.Just make sure you take an umbrella, as it might get quite rainy!

You should live in... South America

Excellent choice!South America is the home of fine food, fantastic dancing and really cool wildlife.What's not to like?

You should live in... school?

Woah, what's going on here?Of all the places to live on Earth, you choose the places that hands out homework and dodgy dinners?Oh well, it's up to you!

You should live in... Australia

Nice!Australia has sunny weather all year round, loads of great beaches plus some amazing landscape.Just watch out for the giant spiders!

You should live in... the Arctic

Wow. The Arctic?It's so cold out there! Either you're very brave or very crazy!But with some beautiful scenery you'll still have plenty to see and do while you try to keep yourself warm.