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14 Phantastic Phil Foden Footy Facts

Back of the net! These amazingly interesting facts about footy's youngest star are top of the league!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2023

According to Pep Guardiola he could be one of the greatest football talents of all time! And this Man City legend is certainly making a name for himself - as despite his young age he's already scoring goals, winning awards, and most importantly, winning matches! But how much do you really know about Phil Foden? From his early beginnings to his love of fishing and smashing world records, there's more to Phil than meets the eye!

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1. He's one of the best young players in the world!

A close up of a footballer

Let's start with maybe the most important fact - Phil Foden is considered one of the best young players in the world. He's been playing since he was a child and has consistently shown his skills, and proven he can improve to be even better. He's definitely one to watch - and could be one of the all-time greats one day!

2. He's an offensive midfielder

This doesn't mean he tells lots of rude jokes on the pitch! Phil has a tough, aggressive style on the pitch and likes constantly pushing forward to the opponents goal. Phil is a smart player and great member of any team... and is famous for his amazing dribbling skills!

3. He's been with Man City since he was a kid

Phil Foden joined Man City at age 4! He enrolled in the academy in 2016 and was privately educated at St Bede's College, with all his fees being paid for by Manchester City. So Man City is literally in his blood - the club helped raised him and made him teh man he is today. It's no wonder he's such a loyal player!

4. He bought a £2 million house aged 18

Phil has always been close with his family, and when he hit the big time he was determined to do something nice for his loved ones. So... he bought a £2 million home for himself and his family so they could all live together! Foden moved his family from Edgeley in Stockport to Bramhall in South Manchester. What a nice lad!

5. He's already a family man

A baby holding a football in a big stadium

Phil does not hang about! As well as getting signed earlier than most footballers and buying a house way early than most people, Phil also became a dad much earlier too! He had his first child, Ronnie, when he was only 18 - still a child himself, really!

6. Half his family supports United!

On the subject of Phil's family - they're not all City fans like he is! His dad and brother are actually Manchester United supporters - and the family is pretty much split in half between the two Mancunian teams. Phil remembers very lively family days out to football matches with each of them cheering on different teams!

7. Who's Ronnie?

Phil Foden has always been called ‘Ronnie’ by his family. It was the nickname his nan suggested because he shared his own dad’s name. That's right, Phil's dad is also called Phil! But now Phil has named his son ‘Ronnie’ too. So that's even more confusing! Let's get this straight then... Phil named his son Phil, and Phil's nan renamed Phil Ronnie, and then Ronnie named his son Ronnie too. Got it.

8. He has lots of other nicknames too

@Man City | Youtube

Phil is called lots of things! Benjamin Mendy has called Foden ‘The Baby Shark’ many times on social media, while he's also often called ‘The Stockport Iniesta’. This one is the perfect fit in our opinion, because Foden has a lot in common with the Barcelona legend.

9. He loves fishing

So how does Phil relax? And how does he rest those muscly legs after the end of the season? Phil said to a journalist who asked him this exact question: "I go fishing with my dad, when I have a bit of free time. I like quiet time. It’s relaxing. I’ve always done it. No one is going to mither you on a quiet pond." So there you go!

10. He's a World Record Holder

A hand clutching a gold medal

Phil Foden is in the Guinness World Records for being the youngest player to win the Premier League. Aged 17 years and 350 days (so, almost 18 then!) at the end of the 2017-19 season, Foden received a winners’ medal after City ended the campaign with a record-breaking 100 points. What a legend!

11. He's won loads of awards

@Man City | Youtube

The list of things that Phil has won is getting really big now! Some of his better awards have included two Champions League records,  the under-17 World Cup Golden Ball winner, and even the BBC’s Young Sports Personality of the Year award! He was even given the award by the one and only Gary Linekar!

12. He's played for England

Phil Foden has played for England a bunch of times! His very first and second goals for England was during a UEFA Nations League match against Iceland in 2020. Gareth Southgate is known to have been very impressed by him, and we're sure there'll be more apperances from Phil in future England fixtures!

13. He scored a hat trick against Man U

A goal hitting the back of the net

On 2 October 2022, Foden scored his first career hat-trick in a 6–3 home win against Manchester United. Imagine how confused his dad must have been - on one hand incredibly proud of his son, but on the other hand devastated that his team got such a thrashing!

14. He's got a bright future

@Man City | Youtube

Pepo Guardiola famously said that Phil is maybe the biggest talent he's ever seen. So the sky is really the limit for young Foden, and it's anyone's guess what he'll do in future. We do know that he'll still be at Man City for at least a while though - as he's signed a contract until 2027. Could he move on from his beloved team one day? We'll have to wait and see!