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Pick Some Things and Predict the Summer Weather!

Pick an outfit, some accessories and a book and your answers will reveal what sort of weather we'll have in store this summer!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Who needs the weather report when you can take this quiz?

1/10 A selection of hats

What sort of hat do you prefer to wear?

2/10 A selection of coats

How about a coat?

3/10 A selection of T-shirts

What kind of top will you pick?

4/10 A selection of bags

What sort of backpack?

5/10 Some comfortable tracksuit bottoms

What about trousers or something like that?

6/10 Some colourful socks

How about a nice pair of socks?

7/10 Some shoes and trainers

What will you wear on your feet?

8/10 Red umbrellas

What sort of accessories do you need?

9/10 A person carrying a big pile of books

What about a book?

10/10 A group of people sitting around a massive iPhone

What about a gadget?

A bearded man enjoying the hot sunshine at the beach

The weather will be: SUNNY!

Your psychic powers predicted it would be hotter than a fresh pie – it's a good job you brought your sunglasses and a hat - and don't forget to slap on the sun cream!And hey, seeing as it's such nice weather, why not check out The Best Outdoor Games to Play This Summer? It'll give you something fun to do while the sun's out!

A woman standing in a storm holding an umbrella

The weather will be: STORMY!

It's a good job you've got an umbrella – you predicted it would be wet and it's bucketing down!But if you find all this rain leaves you feeling bored, then you should try playing The Ultimate Stormzy Quiz! Stormzy's great when it's stormy outside.

A man pointing at the clouds and sun

The weather will be: CLOUDY BUT CLAMMY!

Is it going to rain or not? Who knows? You feel a bit sweaty either way!And if you find all this uncertain weather a bit, well, uncertain, then check out Films Improved by Man's Not Hot! It's the best song to listen to when you can't decide if you're warm or cold...

A woman in a wooly hat and scarf points a bird

The weather will be: SNOWY!

You seem to have a sixth sense for cold weather – it's a good job you didn't leave the house wearing flip-flops!And when it's snowing, there's nothing better than a good old snowball fight! Well, actually, how about The Biggest Snowball Fight? These guys really know how to make use of a snow-day!