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Pick Your Summer Outfit and Find out What You’ll Do This Summer

Stuck for ideas on what to do this summer? Pick an outfit and we'll tell you what you'll do!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

It's an easy way to plan your summer. Answer the questions and our special computer will tell you what you're going to do!

1/10 A pair of flip flops on the beach

Let's start with some footwear!

2/10 Stylish shoes and bright socks


3/10 Orange men shorts for swimming

What type of shorts will you wear?

4/10 A woman in a red t-shirt using a banana as a phone

What about a top?

5/10 A dog wearing sunglasses

What kind of sunglasses will you wear?

6/10 Clown hat

What about a nice hat?

7/10 Pink inflatable donut swimming ring in a swimming pool

What about stuff for the swimming pool?

8/10 A man wearing a smart watch

What sort of watch will you wear?

9/10 Woman wearing raincoat holding umbrella checking weather

Will you need a raincoat?

10/10 Suitcase stuffed with clothes for a summer holiday

What sort of bag will you keep your stuff in?

A dog on a surfboard

This summer you'll be: SURFING!

You'll be spending your school holiday riding some sick waves! We hope your sandwiches are in a watertight lunchbox!And if you want some ideas of how to stay standing on your board, you should know These Animals Love Surfing! Seriously, who knew pigs were so radical?

A scary rollercoaster

This summer you'll be: AT ALL THE THEME PARKS!

Prepare to spend your school holidays riding the most amazing rollercoasters ever!And if you want even more wonderful theme park ideas, check out Disney's Toy Story Land! It looks amazing!

A yacht in the sea

This summer you'll be: ON A BOAT!

You'll be spending your school holidays relaxing on a boat. Whether it's a yacht or a canoe is up to you!And if you don't live close enough to any water? Well, don't worry, you can make your own boat instead. A Rubber Band Boat, that is, so you might be a bit too big to fit in it!

An astronaut on the moon

This summer you'll be: ON THE MOON!

Don't blame us! The computer never lies. You'll probably have to learn how to be an astronaut as soon as possible!And while you're getting ready for lift-off, now is probably a good time to learn what the moon actually is, with the Beano's handy What Is the Moon guide. You can thank us later!