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Pokemon In Real Life Quiz!

Can you figure out which Pokemon these real animals represent?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/8 Snorlax thumbnail

Which sleepy Pokemon is this?

2/8 Charmander thumbnail

What about this fiery guy? 

3/8 Meowth thumbnail

Which Pokemon might this be?

4/8 Pikachu thumbnail

Which lightning Pokemon could this be?

5/8 Vulpix thumbnail

Which many-tailed Pokemon is this?

6/8 Squirtle thumbnail

What about this one?

7/8 Geodude thumbnail

Who is this rock Pokemon?

8/8 Aipom thumbnail

Finally, which Pokemon is this?

Amazing result thumbnail

Amazing, well done!  You know Pokemon so well that you can recognise them even when they look like this! 

Well done result thumbnail

Well done, you've managed to identify loads of Pokemon!

Try again result thumbnail

Not bad, but you can always do better! Try again and see if you recognise any new Pokemon!

Oh no result thumbnail

Oh no, bad luck! Never mind, have another go and see if you can recognise any more Pokemon!