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Prank Your Friends with Fake Nachos!

These are nach-yo tortilla chips!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 22nd 2017

You will need

- Cardboard- Scissors- Orange paint (or some red and some yellow)- A paintbrush- Some paper- An empty bag of tortilla chips- And some help from a grown up! 

Step 1

Cut the cardboard into triangles. Make enough to fill up your empty bag about halfway.

Step 2

Mix up your paint and start colouring your nachos. Try to match the colour of the real thing.

Step 3

Now colour the triangles. Paint one side of each triangle, and leave it to dry on the paper. Come back when the paint is dry, and flip them over to paint the other side.

Step 5

They should look like this when they're dried and ready to be used. Stick them into the bag, so it looks about half full.

Step 6

Offer your not-so-yummy crisps to an unsuspecting friend... EWWWWWWW!!!