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Quick Draw – A Pancake

Here's how you can draw a delicious pancake in time for pancake day!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

Got all that?

Sorry! That wasn't fair of us. Here's a special EGGS-tended version for you to take your time with

Step 1: Draw some eggs

You want to start off by drawing 2 or 3 ovals (depending on how many pancakes you want to have)

Step 2: Add some flour

Draw a big pile of flour. Make your line a little wobbly and add dots to the pile to make it look powdery. Feel free to draw a bag too in case you need a bit of extra flour later.

Step 3: Add some milk

It's a good idea to draw a bottle first (there's nothing worse than loose milk!) by drawing 2 curved lines and joining them together with a curved line at the bottom and a circle at the top. Add in the milk by drawing another squashed circle in the middle of the bottle. Add drips and a lid too if you like!

Step 4: Draw a frying pan

You can't draw pancakes without first drawing a pan. Draw 2 circles - one inside the other, then add a long U shape for a handle. A couple of extra dots and lines for detail and you're ready to get cooking!

Step 5: Draw the pancake

Finally, draw a circle and you're done! That's one delicious looking pancake. Yum!As a little extra, you can draw some tasty toppings like chocolate or pizza.Next check out this Pancake Art!