How to Draw a Pineapple

Here's how to quick draw a pineapple in 20 seconds

Step 1: Draw the body

Start off with an oval shape with a bit of a flattish bottom (to stop it falling over)

Step 2: Draw the skin

Add texture to the body by crossing diagonal lines across it

Step 3: Draw a neck

Draw a short curved line slightly above the body following the shape of the top. The neck is very important - otherwise your pineapple will be unable to swallow things.

Step 4: Draw some spikes

From the neck draw a slightly curved zig-zag to give it some awesome pinapple spikes

Step 5: Add some more spikes

Layer up your spikes by drawing more just behind the first set

...then some more behind those...

...and more behind those

Step 6: Just keep adding spikes forever

Just keep drawing spikes until either the pinapple looks like it's probably finished or your arm goes numb. We recommend the first of those.


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