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Personality Quiz: How Should You Spend Boxing Day?

Answer these simple questions and we’ll suggest how you should spend December 26!

Are you ready?

1/10 A sleepy woman holds an alarm clock

What time do you want to get out of bed?

2/10 A piece of toast with 'Wake Up!' burned into it

What do you fancy for breakfast?

3/10 A man wearing an awesome Christmas jumper

What clothes should you wear?

4/10 An excited relative dressed for Christmas

Your relatives are coming over in a bit. What do you do?

5/10 A place setting for lunch

What will you eat for lunch?

6/10 A picture showing used alkaline batteries

You need some batteries for one of your presents. Do you?

7/10 An old man is snoring

One of your relatives is having a nap and is snoring really loudly. What should you do?

8/10 People playing video games

You're playing FIFA with the family, but you're not doing very well. Do you?

9/10 Christmas wrapping paper

There's lots of wrapping paper everywhere. What should you do with it?

10/10 A sleepy cat

What time should you go to bed?

A man carrying lots of shopping bags

You should: GO SHOPPING!

Why not bag some bargains in the Boxing Day sales?

A dog with popcorn ready to watch movies

You should: WATCH MOVIES!

What better way to spend Boxing Day than put your feet up and watch some Christmas classics?

A cat dressed as unicorn having a nap

You should: HAVE A NAP!

Christmas Day was exciting and exhausting! Recharge your batteries with a lovely long nap on the sofa.

A woman playing a video game

You should: PLAY FIFA!

It's too cold to go outside, isn't it? Boxing Day is the ideal time of the year to sharpen your footie skills without even leaving the house!

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