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Personality Quiz: Which Type of Person Are You at School?

By taking this this simple questionnaire, our quiz robot will decide on what you're like at school!

Last Updated:  January 16th 2018
First Published:  January 16th 2018

Let's do this!

1/10 A stopwatch

Are you always on time for school?

2/10 Albert Einstein

Do you pay attention to the teacher?

3/10 Books and equations

What's your opinion on homework?

4/10 A chalkboard

Do you always do your homework on time?


5/10 How do you behave in assembly?

6/10 A softball team

Are you on any school teams?

7/10 A cartoon man wearing a suit and tie

Do you wear the correct school uniform?

8/10 Fruit, vegetables and crisps

What do you have for your school lunch?

9/10 School report and a grimacing face emoji

Do you dread getting your school report?

10/10 A man on a water-powered jetpack

Do you miss school during the summer holidays?


You are: A swot!

Someone loves homework, don't they? That's nothing to be ashamed of though, because school is cool. Isn't it? Yes, it is.


You are: A team captain!

While you enjoy lessons, it's the chance to lead the school team that you love the most! Plus, you get to wear a cool armband.

Milk monitor

You are: A milk monitor!

While you enjoy lessons, it's the responsibility to give out milk first thing in the morning that you enjoy the best. It's a shame you can't drive a little milk float around the school corridors, isn't it?

Class joker

You are: A class joker!

While you enjoy lessons, it's the chance to make your classmates laugh that you love the most. Don't do it too much as no-one will get any work done and we can't have that, can we?

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