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Personality Quiz: Which Weird Animal Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of weird animal you'd be? Get a definite answer by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's go!

1/10 Someone applying suncream

Do you like lying around in the sunshine?

2/10 A table full of tasty snacks

What's your favourite snack?

3/10 Two friends enjoying a trip to the cinema

What's your favourite type of film?

4/10 A student doing homework

Do you enjoy getting homework?

5/10 A selection of colourful sweets

What sort of sweets are the best?

6/10 People diving into a pool

Do you like swimming?

7/10 A young person playing a prank

Do you like to play pranks on your friends?

8/10 A very messy bedroom

Is your bedroom tidy?

9/10 A pair of game controllers

What's your favourite type of video game?

10/10 A wall full of coloured pencils

Are you creative?


You are a: TAPIR!

No doubt about it, you're a tapir. It was obvious, wasn't it. Even though you don't eat twigs for dinner, you're like 2 peas in a pod.


You are an: AXOLOTL!

You're unbelievably like the Mexican walking fish. Same cheeky face. Look in the mirror and now look at this photo. You're like twins.



Don't complain – this is what the computer told us! Look on the bright side, at least no-one can accuse you of picking your nose.


You are a: BLOBFISH!

This creature of the deep might look a bit like Donald Trump, but that's not the blobfish's fault. They're full of fun and brilliant to have around a parties. They know so many jokes!