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17 Question Rabbit Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

You'll be hopping mad if you don't get 100% in this brilliant bunny quiz! Answer some questions all about rabbits and see how much you really know!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 2nd 2022

Let's see if you're a rabbit expert with this awesome ultimate rabbit quiz! Have a go at answering all sorts of rabbity questions and see if you can get full marks!

1/17 Bunny jumping

Which of these is a nickname for a rabbit?

2/17 Dog dressed as rabbit with rubber chicken

What sort of animal is a rabbit?

3/17 Baby rabbits and Beano rabbits

What is a baby rabbit called?

4/17 Silly rabbit with splats

What's the latin word for rabbit?

5/17 Hare and arrow

True or false: a hare and a rabbit are the same animal?

6/17 Question mark and popcorn background

What does a rabbit do when it 'popcorns'?

7/17 Rabbit's teeth and splats
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Which of these is a fact about rabbit's teeth?

8/17 Lots of rabbits

Why are rabbit's eyes on the sides of their heads?

9/17 Three bunnies

How many rabbits are there in Britain?

10/17 Rabbit looking stressed

What's a male rabbit called?

11/17 Rabbit and splats

What's a female rabbit called?

12/17 Rabbit in sunglasses and carrot with face

How many babies can rabbits have in a litter?

13/17 Question marks on carrot background

True or false: carrots are a natural part of a rabbit's diet?

14/17 Bunny and derpy llama

How much did the biggest ever rabbit weigh?

15/17 Rabbit and cat paw

How far can a rabbit rotate its ears?

16/17 Bunny with floppy ears and splats

What is Bugs Bunny's real name?

17/17 Rabbit with trolley full of goofy veg

What do rabbits symbolise in folklore?

Oh no result

Oh no! You have no idea what you're rabbiting on about! Never mind, have another go and see if you've learned anything new about bunnies!

Try again result

Well, you got a couple of questions right, but you need to do more than that to become a rabbit expert! Try again!

Well done result

Well done! You're a real rabbit raconteur! Nice job, Peter Rabbit would be impressed!

Wow Result

Woah! You're the number one expert on all things rabbit! You managed to get full marks! That's incredible!