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11 Ramadan Jokes To Enjoy at Iftar

Break your boredom fast with these cracking Ramadan jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 18th 2024

When the ninth month of the Islamic calendar comes round we all know what it means! It's Ramadan, and it's a time for fasting, observing tradition, spending time with family and... laughing at these hilarious jokes! So read on and have a chuckle this Ramadan!

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What does Sonic say during Ramadan?

Gotta go fast!

What do you call your grumpy friend during Ramadan?

Fast and Furious!

Why don't snails observe Ramadan?

Because they can't go fast!

Why did the Muslim get a speeding ticket during Ramadan?

He was going to fast!

Did you hear about the Muslim superpower during Ramadan?

Being able to smell iftar cooking from a mile away!

Why does Sonic observe ramadan?

Because he's gotta go fast!

How do Muslims work out during Ramadan?

Racing to the dinner table for iftar!

What did the new Muslims say during Ramadan?

That’s ‘sa-lat’ of prayers!

When does it pay to be a morning person?

During Ramadan!

Why should you only run during Lent or Ramadan?

Because that's when you fast!

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