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30 Glue Jokes & Puns Worth Sticking With

Looking for some gloopy gags and sticky one-liners? These top 30 glue jokes are so funny you won't be able to put them down!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 19th 2023

Hey, glue! Yes, you! Don't just stand there, have a scroll through these 30 hilarious glue jokes. It's time to find out about the tackiest new fashions, or how you should fix a broken brass instrument. Spoiler alert - it involves glue! But if these gags aren't your cup of tea (or tube of glue), then try these out for size! We've got lizard jokes, movie jokes, google jokes, even squid jokes!

But let's check out these glue jokes before you end up in a.... wait for it... sticky situation!

Oook that's quite enough of that. Sigh.

What do you get if you glue sequins to your life jacket?


I got sacked from the glue factory for being too slow

I’m not suited to a fast paste environment!

My nickname at school was glue

I don't know why, it just seemed to stick!

Glue-covered shoes are in fashion now

But I think they’re a bit tacky!

Shoe Jokes Thumbnail
Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

I really bonded with the guy at the glue factory

We've been inseparable ever since we met!

My dad wanted to glue $20 bills to his belt

I told him that would just be a waist of money!

Why does a thief need glue?

To give them sticky fingers!

Why do people switch between liquid glue and glue sticks?

I say, just choose one and stick with it!

My billy goat used to eat empty cans of adhesive...

But now he’s glue tin free!

Try gluing a rabbit to your face

Hey presto, facial hare!

How does a bottle of glue named Ed answer the phone?

Ed here!

I'm reading a book on the history of glue

I just can't seem to put it down!

My friend used to boast about how much super glue he could eat

Now he keeps his mouth shut!

Boss told me to glue 2 pieces of wood together

Totally nailed it!

The only gift I got for Xmas was a deck of cards covered in glue

I find that very hard to deal with!

What kind of glue can you use to hold ice blocks together?


What do you call a doughnut filled with glue?

A Paste-ry!

My friend made a puppy out of glue!

I thought it was cool until it bit me. He’s a viscous dog!

Did you guys hear about the lady who put Gorilla Glue in her hair?

She asked for a refund, but they won't give her silverback!

Why did the glue get kicked out of art supplies school?

It didn’t adhere to the rules

I’ve been putting glue all over my NERF collection…

I’m sticking to my guns!

I was given £1 million to glue my mouth shut

I can't tell you how happy I am!

Someone glued a mustache to my face

I can't pull it off!

I have good faith in the glue police

They usually stick to their word!

How do you fix a broken brass instrument?

With a tuba glue!

What did Fred Flintstone say when his wife broke her favorite vase?


What does Wonder Woman use to fix things?

Super glue!

 What did Hulk Hogan ask in Arts and Crafts class? 

Whatcha gonna glue, brother?!

I’m reading the book “Adhesives for Dummies”

I just can’t put it down!

How do you know you're obsessed with putting glue in slime?

You can't put it down!

A green slime character