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20 Best Squid Jokes & Puns That Are Inkredible

Stop squidding’ around and try these totally awesome squid jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 1st 2022

Check out these kid friendly squid puns and jokes, and see which ones ten-tickle your fancy! And if these put you in the mood for more animal goodness, check out more animal content here! We've also got fantastic fish jokes, silly shark jokes, and a whole boatload of boat jokes! What's that? You want EVEN MORE jokes? Then don't fret, the great joke generator is here to save the day!

What eats marmalade sandwiches and lives under the sea?

Squiddington Bear!

What do octopuses play at Hogwarts?


How do you make a squid laugh?

Give it ten tickles!

Why was the squid sad?

He just had an inking feeling!

What do sea creatures use for money?


Who lives in the Wild West and shoots ink?

Billy the Squid!

Where do octopuses live if they're down on their luck?

Squid Row!

What the squid say when she heard a funny joke?

'You're kraken me up!'

What happens when two squid love each other?

They get calimarried!

You'd think squid would be good at writing...

But you'd be inkcorrect!

Where do you keep newborn baby squid?

In an inkubator!

How did the squid go into battle?

Well armed!

What do you call a baby squid?

An inkling!

What do you get if you cross a duck and a squid?

A quacken!

What do you call a group of squid?

A squad!

When do squid wake up?

At the kraken of dawn!

Why are squid so silly?

Dunno, but they're always squidding around!

Why did the squid blush?

Because the seaweed!

What's got eight arms and robs banks?

A safe kraken!

Why should you always hang out with squid?

Because you'll be in for a kraken good time!