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Shark Jokes

Take a dive into our ocean of nail-bitingly hilarious shark jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Get fishing for our funniest jokes but be careful... you might get hooked on laughing! 

Fun fact: Baby sharks are called pups!

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What did the shark say to the plate of sushi?

Pleased to eat you!

A human hand touching the head of a shark

If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, try swimming with sharks.

It costs an arm and a leg!

A shark swimming in the water

How much does it cost to swim with sharks?

An arm and a leg!

A dog with its tongue out

What's yellow and dangerous?

Shark-infested custard!

A smiling shark

What does a shark and a computer have in common?

They both have megabites!

A shark with its mouth wide open in a threatening way

Which body part are mermaids scared of?


mermaid jokes

I went to a Halloween party dressed as a shark....

The novelty is wearing a little fin!

What did the shark say after eating a clown fish?

This tastes a little funny!

What did the shark say when he was accused of hitting his brother?

Not gill-ty!

What's a sharks favourite movie?

Shaw-shark Redemption!

What is a Great White shark's favourite kind of sandwich?

Peanut butter and jellyfish!

What do you get when you cross a parrot with a shark?

An animal that talks your head off!

What did the Mum shark say to the kid shark?

Watch that sharkasm, young man!

What do sharks do when they have a big choice to make?

Chews wisely!

What did the shark say to the other shark?

There's some-fin special about you!

How does a shark greet a fish?

Pleased to eat you!

Where do sharks go on vacation?


What do sharks order at McDonalds?

A quarter flounder with cheese!

What happened when the shark got famous?

He became a starfish!

Why do sharks live in salt water?

Because pepper water makes them sneeze!

I had a nightmare about being attacked by a shark.

When I woke up I realized it was just a bream!

How did the hammerhead do on his test?

He nailed it!

What's a shark's favourite science fiction TV show?

Shark Trek!

The star attraction at my local aquarium has been repossessed.

Turns out it was a loan shark!

The last ten times I've been to a fancy dress party I've gone as a shark.

The joke's wearing fin!

Why did the shark cross the great barrier reef?

To get to the other tide!

What's a shark's favourite bible story?

Noah's shark!

What happens when you mix a shark and a cow together?

I don’t know but I wouldn’t want to milk it!

Who delivers Christmas presents to baby sharks?

Santa Jaws!

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