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Recycled Disney!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 20th 2017

Animation takes AGES to make, so over the years, some of the smart folks at Disney have recycled some of it.

By tracing new characters over old ones, they copy the movement to make new animation much more quickly! Here are some examples you might recognise...

Snow White and Marion

Marion may not be human, but she's close enough to match Snow White's clapping perfectly

Aristocats and Robin Hood

In the same scene from Robin Hood, there's some Aristocats inspired boogie

Dancing dwarves and dancing merry men

Did the merry men have any dances of their own?

Mowgli's wolves and Wart's wolves

Both Mowgli and the young King Arthur were dog, or wolf, lovers!

Little John and Baloo

Apparently it only takes some green clothes and hair dye for Baloo to pass as Little John!

Princes on horseback

Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip and Wart's useless brother Kay ride a very similar horse...

Aristocats and Dalmatians

Cats everywhere get into the same sorts of trouble it seems!

The Prince and the Princess

Aurora and Belle obviously had the same dance tutor!