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Top 20 Disney Channel Shows Of All Time!

Are you a fan of mythical beasts? Talking dogs? Psychic mums? Then the Disney channel has what you need! Click here to check out 20 of the very best Disney shows!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 18th 2024

Disney have years and years of experience making TV shows, and we've researched the 20 very best of them! We've got old ones, new ones, cartoons, live action, goofy comedies and coming-of-age dramas. Whatever you want from Disney, you can bet we've got it in this gigantic list of the Disney Channel's best shows!

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Ok well, lets get back to the Disney Channel shows - we've got a lot to get through!

1. Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor | Disney Television Animation | Disney

We'll start our list with one of Disney's fantasy shows! Princess Elena is the ruler of Avalor, and as well as trying to be a normal teenager, she also has to protect her kingdom from all kinds of magical threats. This award-winning show is great for Disney fans who love mystery and action and well as having a laugh! Oooh - it's also got Jenna Ortega in it!

2. American Dragon: Jake Long

American Dragon: Jake Long | Cookie Jar | Disney

This is a pretty old one, but it's a forgotten classic! This action-packed and hilarious cartoon follows the life of Jake Long as he tries to make sense of growing up. The twist? Oh, he can turn into a dragon! So as well as trying not to embarrass himself in front of his crush, he also has to defend civilation against mythical creatures! Some kids just can't catch a break.

3. Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World | It's a Laugh / Michael Jacobs | Disney

Girl Meets World is a classic coming of age show, done really well! It's all about the daughter of Cory Topanga from Boy Meets World and how she makes it through middle school with her best pal. It's a classic Disney mixture of laughs, romance, fun and wholesome family messages about the ups and downs of growing up. Check it out!

4. The Suite Life on Deck

Suite Life on Deck | It's a Laugh | Disney

This is a spinoff of a show we'll talk about later - and it follows twins Zack and Cody's life aboard SS Tipton! There's plenty of maritime mayhem with their pals - the relatable London, Bailey and Woody. Turns out it's hard to work out regular teenage stuff on a boat! This is a great show for fans of Disney comedies, and boats!

5. Dog with a Blog

Dog With A Blog | It's a Laugh | Disney

This might be the best setup for a show of all time! It's about Stan the talking dog, and the hilarious way he describes his human family - because he has, of course - a blog! The show is really popular with good reason, it's a great idea and shows familiar family stories in a new light! Talking dogs are always going to be good, right?

6. Austin & Ally

Raven's Home | It's a Laugh | Disney

This one is for all the musicians out there! Austin and Ally is all about a songwriter and musician who are trying to come up with hit sogs - and are successful some of the time! It's got some great music in it, and is a hilarious look into how music gets made! It's been a firm favourite with Disney fans since it came out in 2011!

7. Raven's Home

Raven's Home | It's a Laugh | Disney

So we've done this in an odd order, and you'll see why soon! This is the follow-up series to That's So Raven (more on that later) and it follows psychic single-mum Raven and her attempts to live a normal life when she's got kids, neighbours, strange friends and psychic powers! It's a recipe for a great show!

8. The Proud Family

The Proud Family | Hyperion | Jambalaya | Disney

This Disney show is a bit different to the others, and was a breathe of fresh air when it came out! It's all about Penny Proud, and how she gets on with her... unusual family! This show has some amazing and relatable characters, like no-nonsense mum Trudy, and the wacky gran, Suga Mama!

9. Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls | Disney TV | Disney Animation

It's another amazing cartoon series - and this is a wild one! It's really clevelry written and has a hug back story, and a universe you can really get into. If you like Adventure Time and other weird cartoons then this awad-winning show is the one for you. It's got a mysterious town, strange creatures, and more other-wordly action tan you can shake a stick at!

10. Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie | It's a Laugh | Oops Dougnuts | Disney

This amazing show is all about another set of twins (Disney loves twins, right?) - this time, one of them is a former TV star, the other is a high school basketball champ. The show is all about their sisterly relationship and how they deal with all the usual family stuff - but with that special Liv and Maddie twist!

11. Jessie

Jessie | It's a Laugh | Disney

It's another oldie, but goodie! This show (that finished in 2015), is all about a small town Texan nanny who moves in to a family home in New York City. It's tough work going from country life to the big apple, and this show covers all the laughs, dramas and annoying rich kids you'd expect! It won a bunch of awards, too!

12. Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie | It's a Laugh | Disney

This show is a real heart-warming family comedy with an interesting premise... lots of the show is told in video diaries from one of the kids! It's all about Charlie, the unexpected fourth kid in the Duncan family. The show's charm is how to talks about everyday family things, and the ups and downs of having a baby in the house!

13. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

High School Musical: The Series | Chorus Boy | Salty Pictures | Walt Disney Pictures

Everyone knows the movie - but there was a super-popular TV show too! Like the blockbuster movie, it follows a group of high school students trying to put on a show. It's packed full of laughs, romance, rivalries and big musical numbers! People just couldn't get enough of the movie!

14. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody | It's a Laugh | Disney

This comedy is all about two identical twins who live in a fancy hotel, because their mum works there. The twins get in all kinds of trouble, winding up the staff and guests alike! Like many Disney shows it also started the careers of some big future celebrities - and this was no different! The show was Dylan and Cole Sprouse's big break!

15. Kim Possible

Kim Possible | Disney Television Animation | Disney Enterprises

This action-packed cartoon classic deserves a spot high up this list! It's got a strong lead character, Kim, who's a superhero high school student, evil villains, Ron Stoppable and even a naked mole-rat called Rufus! This high-octane adventure is a great choice for anyone who likes their laughs FAST!

16. Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly Place | It's a Laugh | Disney

Remember this one? This hit Disney show ran from 2007 - 2012 and followed Alex, Justin and Max trying to be normal schoolkids and trainee wizards at the same time! It's a mix of comedy, teen drama and fantasy that was really popular with Disney fans - oh, and it features a young Selena Gomez!

17. Hannah Montana

Ok we're getting to the big hitters now! Miley Stewart lives a double life as pop sensation Hannah Montana - but how is she going to balance all that with trying to be a normal teenager? Well, that's what the show is all about! Hannah Montana was a huge deal, and it's super-funny blend of music, jokes and family messages were really popular. Check it out if you haven't already (but you probably have)!

18. That's So Raven

That's So Raven | Psychic Productions | It's a Laugh | Disney

Raven Baxter is an ordinary teenage girl... oh, except she has psychic powers! She can tell the future and her powers often end up getting her in trouble! The show won loads of awards for it's great acting, positive messages and the fact that it's genuinely really funny! There are even spin-off shows for you to check out, too!

19. Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire | Stan Rogow Productions | Disney Channel | Disney

Lizzie McGuire is another classic Disney Channel show, and because it was SO famous it deserves a place at the top of this list. It's now pretty old, but won loads of awards back in the 2000s. It follows the teenage antics of Lizzie McGuire, and is packed full of laughs, embarrassing parents and annoying younger brothers.

20. Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Feb | Disney Channel | Disney

In at number 20, it's everyone's favourite - Phineas and Ferb! These two brothers always get into ridiculous amounts of trouble, much to the annoyance and confusion of their sister candace. This show is funny, wholesome, and has a platypus secret agent in it. The soundtrack is great too, and they have triangular heads! You can't really ask for more than that!