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15 Henry Danger Facts For Super Fans!

Check out these 15 Henry Danger facts for fans of this awesome superhero tv show! How many of these cool facts did you already know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 29th 2024

If you're a fan of the brilliant show Henry Danger, you'll love these 15 awesome fact we've put together all about the show! When 13 year old Henry becomes assistant to superhero Captain Man, his whole world is turned upside down!Find out how the show is made, who Jace Norman really is, and the reason they film the Christmas episodes in June! And if you liked these fun facts, check out more TV facts right here! How about these fun Friends facts? Or maybe you like the look of these spooky Scooby Doo facts! Or maybe you'll love these crazy Riverdale facts!

1. It's About a Superhero

Henry Danger is all about a 13 year old boy called Henry Hart, who lives in the town of Swellview. The show follows Henry's adventures when he gets a job as a sidekick for 'Captain Man', a local superhero.

2. Jace Norman is the Star

Henry Danger | Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery | Netflix

Jace Norman stars as Henry Danger/Hart. Jace has been acting since he was 12 years old, and was previously in the Disney show 'Jessie'. Jace is from New Mexico and has gone on to star in lots of films and TV shows!

3. There Are Lots of Special Effects

Since the show is about superheroes, it makes sense that it uses lots of special effects to get the story just right! This includes flying on wires (painted green to disguise them), CGI, greenscreen and even using stunt doubles for all the trickier stunts! The stunt doubles will wear the same clothes as the character, but if they don't look very alike, they often need a wig too!

4. There Was a Musical Episode...

Every good TV show needs a musical episode, right? Henry Danger is no different! In season 5, episode 20, the whole show is all-singing, all-dancing! The evil Frankini has placed a musical curse on Swellview!

5. And Everyone Was Sick When They Filmed It

Everyone looks great in the musical episode, but did you know lots of them were sick! Like real superheroes, they powered through and filmed it, and you'd never know!

6. You Can Watch It On Netflix

Henry Danger | Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery | Netflix

Henry Danger is available to watch on Netflix! There are currently 5 seasons of Henry Danger, and, depending on where you live, it's all on Netflix! So what are you waiting for?

7. All the Christmas Episodes are Filmed in June

Film and TV takes a while to make, so whilst some of your favourite episodes may take place at Christmas, they're actually filmed in the summer! This means the crew has plenty of time to get them ready for the holiday season, although it can be very hot for the actors in their winter clothes under those studio lights!

8. The Spin-offs Are Known as the 'Dangerverse'

Henry Danger | Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery | Netflix

If you can't get enough of Henry Danger, good news! There's more of the 'Dangerverse' out there, including Danger Force and cartoon The Adventures of Kid Danger!

9. Jace Has Talked Openly About His Dyslexia

Jace has dyslexia and was bullied at school for the condition. He talks openly about having dyslexia and how it affects his life, saying he wants to encourage others with dyslexia to feel confident to be themselves. Go Jace!

10. There Was Going to be a Film

In 2017 Nickelodeon confirmed that there was a Henry Danger film in the works...however, so far no film has appeared, so although its not completely ruled out (It's listed as 'in development' on IMDB!), we're keeping our fingers crossed that it might one day happen!

11. The Mole Queen is Played by Piper

If you loved the weird and hilarious 'Mole Queen' character, you might not be surprised to find out that she's played by Ella Anderson, who also plays Piper! Her voice is much higher than pipers, and she's got a couple of hours of makeup on, but it's definitely her!

12. It's An Award Winning Show

Henry Danger | Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery | Netflix

Henry Danger is super popular, so popular its even won awards, including Favourite TV Show at the Kids Choice Awards. And it's been nominated for an Emmy for its stunts!

13. Jace Has a Dog Called...

Henry! Yup, he named his dog after his character in the show! Jace likes to unwind by walking Henry after filming!

14. Charlotte Was the First Person to Find Out Henry is Kid Danger

Henry Danger | Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery | Netflix

Charlotte might be the sharpest person on the show, because she was the first one who realised that Henry is actually Kid Danger! Charlotte, Henry's co-worker and best friend, is played by Riele Downs.

15. Jace Has Been in Five Nickelodeon Movies

Henry Danger | Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery | Netflix

Not only has Jace starred as Henry Danger in his own show, he's also been in FIVE Nickelodeon movies, including Rufus, Rufus 2, Splitting Adam, Bixler High Private Eye and Blurt!