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10 Question Unusual Laws Quiz

There are loads of ways to end up in trouble with the law, but with a strong moral compass, and an understanding of common sense you should manage to avoid such a fate… Except that loads of weird old laws still exist. Laws that you might break by accident. 10 Question Unusual Laws Quiz to find out if you would avoid jail!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 12th 2022

See if you can avoid jail in 10 Question Unusual Laws Quiz. If you’re found innocent why not take advantage of your freedom by checking out your options with the Beano News: Summer Holiday Special. Otherwise you might be better off consulting our How To Have an Awesome Holiday at Home! article! Good luck and…



Whales beached on the coast of the UK must first be offered to the reigning King or Queen.


It is illegal to carry a plank of wood along a pavement in Greater London (excluding the City of London)

3/10 A piece of salmon

It is an offence to handle a salmon while looking a bit suspicious.


You are allowed to wee in a policeman’s helmet if you are pregnant AND there are no public toilets nearby.


You are not allowed to wear a suit of armour inside Parliament.


It is illegal to name a cat or smaller pet after the Queen or a direct descendent of the throne.


You are not allowed to shake a rug outside before 8am.


You are not allowed to play bingo in a library.


It is illegal to dress as a police officer at halloween


By law, you must read a copy of the Beano every week.

Go Directly to Jail!

You’ve received a heavy fine!

Innocent. You may leave these courts with your head held high!