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Recklessly Raging Roman Reigns Quiz!

Roman Reigns is one of the top wrestlers out there - do you know them well?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2024

He’s a menace on the mat and a reckless wrestler in the ring - but are you the expert when it comes to this fantastic performer? Will you reign supreme when it comes to this mega Roman wrestling quiz?! Let’s find out and put your skills to the test!


Where is Roman Reigns from?


Roman used to play a sport, but which one?


His family are famous for wrestling, but which island country are they from?


Which of these famous wrestlers is he related to?


Is he a goodie or a baddie?

6/10 A man thinking about art

What is his real first name?


What happened in his first professional match?


Which wrestling faction was he part of?


What is his signature move?


Who won out of Roman Reigns and the Undertaker?

Oh dear! It looks like you’ve been pinned to the mat with ease on this quiz! You’re outta here! But look, don’t worry too much, Roman is up there at the top of his game and there aren’t many wrestlers that could lay a finger on him in the ring so at least you had a try! But why not have another go and see if you can score better? We’ll wait, we believe in you!

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Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! You’ve clearly got a pretty good idea of how much of a legendary wrestler Roman Reigns really is and you’ve got the knowledge to back it up! Well done! But heck, there is always space to get better when it comes to these WWE quizzes, so why not have another try and see if you can score higher?! There’s another round so hop back into the ring and try your skills!

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Awesome! There’s not much you don’t know about Roman and his unique brand of chair throwing, knockout, pindown wrestling! Well done! But hey, if you think you’ve got what it takes to beat this quiz, why not have another go at it!? You’ve gotten really close to lifting the belt above your head so maybe it’s worth another shot?

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Pow! There it is! All your opponents are laying splayed out on the mat and you’re the only one left standing! You’ve beaten the lot with your quiz knowledge alone! What an absolute result! There is no-one better or more finely tuned to the skills required to be a wrestling legend! Well done! Breathe in the glory!