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Dodgeball Ultimate Quiz

There’s no sport quiz like it, but have you got what it takes to ace this quiz?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 24th 2024

Dodge, duck, weave, BALL! All of these are crucial to the sport, but have you got the skills to play with the pros? Or will you get knocked out in the first round of balls thrown across the court? Let’s find out!


Where do you play pro dodgeball?


What does WDBF stand for?

3/10 Can You Answer These Quiz Questions with Numbers?

How many members are on each team?


How long is a match?


Can you throw the ball from the opening rush?


What happens if you catch a thrown ball?

7/10 A footballer about to kick the ball

What happens if you kick a ball?


When was the first World Dodgeball Championship?


What happens at halftime?


Is Dodgeball in the Olympic games?

Oh no! It seems like you might need to catch up a bit at the school of hard hits! Perhaps a few extra hours graft in the Dodgeball Academy might help?! But don't worry too much, there's always room for improvement even for stars of the sport like you. Why not give it another shot and aim for a higher score?

Great job! You're definitely on the right track and showing off your skills, on the courts there aren’t many who can beat you! But remember, even the pro-dodgeballers have to start somewhere, so stick with it. If you're feeling confident in your knowledge, why not try the quiz again and aim for a perfect score? You’ve got this

Blam, incredible stuff! You've aced this quiz and proven you know your way around the court! You seem to know just about everything worth knowing and you’ve got the skills with the ball to show it off! But if you're aiming for perfection and to dink the ball off that final players bonce, why not give this quiz another shot!?

Boom-Pow! You've nailed it! You're the ultimate expert when it comes to Dodgeball trivia! Give yourself a pat on the back for your impressive knowledge and your skills on the court - nobody dodges balls like you! Now that you're the champion of Dodgeball the future is open to you so why not try out some of the other sporty quizzes we’ve got?!