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What's Your Dodgeball Style?

Are you a team player? A lighting-fast ball chucker? A selfless dodgeball hero? Find out what kind of dodgeball player you are with this stinger of a sports quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2024

Dodgeball brings out the best in people. And the worst! Are you a merciless dodgeball champ or a team player who just likes to have fun? Answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you exactly what kind of dodgeball player you are deep down! Are you ready to find out? Read on!


What's your favourite thing about dodgeball?


You like your dodgeball games... what?


When you're not playing dodgeball, what are you doing?


There's a ball coming right at you! What do you do?


Now there's a ball heading straight for your team's best player! What do you do?


What noises do your shoes make when you're playing dodgeball?

7/10 tactics board

How do you win?

8/10 A smily ball

Pick a dodgeball variation:

9/10 A beach ball over a map of Eswatini

Where would you rather play dodgeball?

10/10 A bashed up person

You always play fair. Right?

You're the Barbarian!

You are a ruthless and energetic player - who takes no prisoners and will stop at absolutely nothing to throw balls faster and harder than anyone else! You often win, but when you lose you get very upset. Not sure this is really you? Have another go and see what your style should be!

You're the sneaker!

You know how to win... and being loud and shouty isn't it! You stay a bit further back, and vide your time waiting for the perfect time to jump out and nail the other team. It's a risky strategy, and you can still get knocked out even if you're hiding behind someone else! Rather a different style? Have another go!

You're the team leader!

You know that teamwork is everything in dodgeball, and the most important thing to do is make sure everyone is working together. If that means you have to sacrifice yourself for the big win, then youy'll do it! What a hero! Rather be a different kind of player? Have another go at this quiz!

You're the master strategist!

You're not the best at throwing balls, or at getting out the way of balls... but you can spot exactly how to win! You see everything around you and can plan what the other team are going to do next - so everyone needs to quiet down and listen to you! Not sure this is really you? Have another go and see what your style should be!