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UNO Show 'Em No Mercy Quiz!

Keep your cards close to your chest! This tricky trivia quiz will put your UNO knowledge to the ultimate test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 3rd 2024

Cards on the table - this game is tricky! If you're good at Show 'Em No Mercy, this quiz will be more than enough of a challenge for you. See how high you can score - can you eliminate the competition, or will you drop out? And if you can't get enough UNO, we've got more quizzes for you - find out your playing style, or see if you can handle the ultimate UNO trivia quiz!

1/10 A hand holding a pack of playing cards

Let's start off nice and easy! Which card game is Show 'Em No Mercy a spin-off from?

2/10 A hand dealing out a pack of playing cards

True or false - Show 'Em No Mercy has more cards than the original UNO?

3/10 A football player tugging at their own shirt

What's the minimum number of players you need?

4/10 A brain wearing glasses with a pack of playing cards in the background

How many cards are in the pack?

5/10 A hand holding a pack of playing cards

How many cards in your hand will get you booted out of the game?

6/10 A dog and chicken laughing

What's the name of the rule you can evoke when the going gets too tough?

7/10 A bear and a series of numbers

Which two cards mean you have to swap hands with another player?

8/10 A dinosaur skeleton and a calendar

In which year was the Show 'Em No Mercy version released?

9/10 Two animal paws hovering over a Scrabble style game with game tiles spelling 'Game Night' in the foreground

Who publishes the game?

10/10 A woman thinking about this question in front of a pink background

How many more cards are in Show 'Em No Mercy than in a standard game of UNO?

Result: Oops

Oh no - looks like you lost this one! Don't worry, you can always have another go later!

Result: Not bad

Not bad at all - you know the game pretty well! But we bet you can get a higher score - why not try againa nd see?

Result: Very good

Very good - you're a huge fan of the game, and you've got the score to prove it! Well done! But can you get a perfect score next time? Come back later and see!

Result: Top score

Wow, a perfect score! Well done! You love Show 'Em No Mercy more than the original UNO for sure, and you're probably the ultimate expert!