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Can You Tackle The Ultimate Uno Quiz?

Lay your cards out and see how well you can do with the ultimate Uno quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 16th 2022

Is Uno one of your go-to games? We love it! It's a classic battle of wit, skill and strategy that has been a staple for family fun for over 50 years. Fun fact: it was invented by a barber in Ohio, USA, and he sold the game out of his shop at first! Maybe you can come up with your own card game - but in the meantime, see how you do on our Uno trivia quiz! And why not try some other board game-based boredom busters - see how much you know about Scrabble, or maybe try a tricky Monopoly connections quiz!


"Uno" means what in both Italian and Spanish?


How many colours of card are in the deck?


How many cards do players start with?


It is REQUIRED by the game that you declare "Uno!" on your second-to-last hand - true or false?


How many points is a wild card worth?


How many cards are in the deck in total?


Which of these is NOT a word card?


What year was the game invented?


Which Uno card is a meme, used when you can prove your opponent is totally wrong about something?


Uno is now available in Braille - true or false?

Oops! Looks like you showed your hand too early! Maybe have another go, and remember to keep your cards close to your chest!

Not bad! You've won a round or two of Uno. Maybe have another go and try to win a wild card!

Great! You're a bit of a champion. Maybe have another go and try to scoop more wild cards!

Wow, we've got the Uno champion here! Have you EVER lost a round?!