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20 Brrrr-illiant Ice Skating Jokes!

Be warned - thse ice skating jokes and puns are a slippery slope that leads to laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2024

Strap on your skates, blast some eighties pop and get on the rink - it's time for skating jokes! You'll glide through these, and they're great to use on new friends - it's a good way to break the ice! Don't forget to check out our other jokes, too - we've got so many! Try some gags on horse racing, cycling, and dance!

How do pair figure skaters travel to their competitions?

On an icicle made for two!

How can you tell one ice skater apart from another?

Glacial recognition technology!

How do professional ice skaters make friends?

They have to break the ice first!

How do ice skaters stay cool?

They sit near the fans!

Why did the snake sign up for ice skating lessons?

To learn the serpentine lift!

Who is a figure skater’s favourite member of Guns N Roses?

Axel Rose!

Why is Cinderella such a bad ice skater?

She always loses a skate!

Why do competitive skaters like to work in bakeries when they retire?

They’re great at icing!

Why did the competitive skater feel sick?

She 8 a lot!

I tried ice skating on a lake, but I just fell in. No one even tried to help me, they just laughed!

Worst summer holiday!

Did you hear about the psychic named Claire who fell through the ice when she was skating on a frozen pond?

Luckily, Claire’s buoyant!

Wife: Have you seen the dog bowl?

Husband: No, but he’s pretty good at ice skating!

No one laughed when I fell over ice skating…

But the ice sure cracked up!

What stops you from getting into ice skating?

If you keep getting cold feet!

Why do hipsters hate ice skating?

They couldn’t do it before it was cool!

What do a dentist and an ice skating coach have in common?

They both use drills!

Did you hear that Nathan Chen won a gold medal at the Olympics?

He scored a perfect Chen out of Chen!

How do you know you’re a figure skater?

When you hear a new song, you’re working out the choreography in your head!

How is music like ice skating?

If you don’t C sharp you’ll B flat!

Why should you never tell jokes while ice skating?

Because the ice might crack up!