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Cheerleader Jokes

You'll jump for joy at these funny cheerleader jokes! Check out the funniest cheerleader gags on the internet! You'll be rolling with laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  January 30th 2022

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Why should you never prank a cheerleader?

They never fall for it!

What's a cheerleader's favourite colour?


What's a cheerleader's favourite cereal?


A cheerleader walks into a cafรฉ and says

'Give me a tea!'

What's a cheerleader's favourite fruit?


Why are plants bad cheerleaders?

They're always rooting for themselves!

What do you call a police vehicle full of cheerleaders?

A squad car!

How do you know if a cheerleader is nervous?

She's jumpy!

Cheerleading has really progressed over the last few years

It's come along in leaps and bounds!

Why did the cheerleader ruin dinner?

She tossed the salad!

What did the cheerleader's mum say before the big competition?

Good tuck!

What was the cheerleader called?


How do cheerleaders stay in touch?

With a megaphone!

Why did the pharaoh fire the cheerleading team?

They made the wrong kind of pyramid!

What do wasp cheerleaders chant?

'Bee aggressive, bee bee aggressive!'

What do cheerleaders drink before a game?

Root beer!

What does a cheerleading banana do?

The splits!

Why did the ghost become a cheerleader?

To show off the school spirit!

What sort of shoes do cheerleaders wear?

Flip flops!

What's a cheerleader's favourite season?