Bowling Jokes!

Are you ready for the greatest ten pin bowling funnies to ever grace the internet?

Check out these funny bowling jokes! They're guaranteed to bowl you over!

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Why was the bad bowler nicknamed Lightning?

Because he'd never strike twice!

What did one skittle say to the other?

Let's never split!

Why did the bowler have another game?

She had time to spare!

I’ve left my bowling ball at home...

Can I borrow your spare?

I once had a job at the bowling alley...

I didn't stay long, because I was only tenpin!

Why did the bowler wait so long to take their turn?

They were waiting for inspiration to strike!

What’s the difference between a bowling ball and a cupcake?

A bowling ball doesn't go splat when you roll it along the floor!

What does a bowler and a family at Thanksgiving have in common?

They both want a turkey!

How can you tell when the Invisible Man is at the bowling alley?

Because there's bowling like no one has ever seen!

Which Superman character is the best at bowling?

Lois Lane!

Which bowler wears the biggest shoes?

The one with the biggest feet, of course!

What kind of cats love to go bowling?

Alley Cats

What did the skittles do after hearing a funny joke?

Fell down laughing!

When is a bowling alley the coolest place to be?

When it's full of fans!

Why couldn’t the bowling alley open?

The skittles were on strike!

How do you know when the local bowling alley is quiet?

You can hear a pin drop!

Why was the bowler with a sweet tooth banned from the sport?

They kept eating all the skittles!

Why were people afraid of the Bowling Alley Villain?

Police were worried he might strike again!

I was about to tell a bowling joke to a friend...

They said 'spare me'!

What's a bowling ball's favourite sweet?


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