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20 Darts Jokes That Hit The Bullseye!

It's one hundred and eighty laughs a minute! Step up to the oche and have a go on these 20 kid-friendly darts gags and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2024

These dart jokes might not be the most athletic, but they definitely hit the mark! Whether you're an amateur dartist or Luke Littler himself, you'll be sure to crack a smile at these razor-sharp dart jokes! Read on if you don't believe us!

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Alright, back to the board!

I threw a dart at a map of the world and went wherever it landed

It was a great 2 weeks sat next to the skirting board!

So a dart player came up to me and said "Why did you put super glue on my dart?'

I said "You can't just let it go can you?!”

I walked into my friend’s room and saw a dartboard stuck on the ceiling

Eventually I had to throw up!

Me and my mate were playing darts. He said "Nearest to bull starts?"

I said "Baa," he said "Moo," I said "You're first then!”

Can a ninja throw a dart?


How can you tell if a dart is nervous?

See if it quivers!

If you’ve never played darts blindfolded...

You don’t know what you’re missing!

Two foam darts to the head is plenty...

But one is a Nerf!

What do you call a dart manufacturer?

An arrowsmith!

Saw someone get their ear pierced in front of me last night

Side note, I suck at darts!

A Statistician is playing darts. The first goes left. The second dart goes right

The statistician shouts, "bullseye!”

I beat my chiropodist at poker, pool, darts and table tennis, but he kept smiling

The man knows how to deal with de feet!

Shoe Jokes Thumbnail
Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

Writing a funny joke is like playing a game of darts

Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss, and sometimes you have to go to hospital!

Time flies like a dart

Fruit flies like a banana!

I don’t like blunt darts

They are pointless!

They call me Mister Dartboard!

Because I usually do!

What do darts players play in winter?

Ice oche!

My favourite darts player is called Dusty Carpet

Never been beaten!

Don’t think this new idea of playing darts in space will take off

There’s just no atmosphere!

I often get a 180 when I play with the local darts team

It’s the bus that takes me to practise!