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15 Salish Matter Facts For True Fans Only!

How much do you know about YouTuber and all round star Salish Matter? Find out with our 15 fact Salish Matter page! Did you know all these cool facts?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 13th 2024

These 15 fun facts all about Salish Matter are sure to brighten your day! Check them out and see how much you know about this famous YouTuber, gymnast and all round epic person! And if you liked this, check out more YouTuber content here! What about these hardest Norris Nuts quiz? You might be ready for this Everleigh Rose quiz? Or maybe you fancy some more facts, in which case check out this bumper weird facts page! And you can check out loads more facts on our main facts hub!

1. She’s from New York

Salish was born in Nyack, New York on November 29th, 2009, to Jordan and Lauren!

2. She’s a Sagittarius

Salish is a Sagittarius - which means she's lively, passionate, wise and thoughtful! A perfect combo for a gymnast YouTuber!

3. She started appearing online in 2020

Salish started appearing in her dad's videos when she was just ten years old - and you can still spot her on her dad's YouTube today!

4. Her dad is famous

Salish's dad Jordan is a famous photographer with his own huge online following - he's got over 22 MILLION subscribers on YouTube alone!

5. She Has Lots of Followers

Salish is most active on Instagram, where her page - @saysaymatter, has over 3 million followers! You can also find her on TikTok, YouTube and X!

6. She’s a Gymnast

Salish is a level 7 gymnast! We're not sure what that means, but we know she can do all sorts of tricks we could only dream of! Are you a gymnast? Can you do anything Salish can do?

7. She’s a Vegetarian

Salish is a vegetarian, which means she only eats veggies and animal products! Being vegetarian is not only really good for your diet, it's also great for the planet! Well done Salish!

8. Salish Has a Dog Called Boomer

Salish owns a dog called Boomer! According to his Instagram (yes, he has one too) his favourite hobby is eating her flip-flops!

9. Her Brother is Also a Social Media Star

Salish's brother Hudson (named after the New York Hudson river, maybe?) is also a YouTuber, and Salish and him collab frequently on videos and projects together!

10. She Has a YouTube Channel

As well as appearing on her dad's channel, Salish has her own YouTube channel, which already has over 1.5 million subscribers! Salish doesn't post lots on this channel, as she's explained she needs to concentrate on her school work too. That's smart, well done Salish!

11. Salish Used to Rollerskate

Salish loves keeping active, and one of her favourite hobbies used to be roller-skating - until she twisted her ankle doing it! Maybe one day she'll get back to it!

12. She Has Some Famous Relatives

As well as her dad, Salish is also related to some other famous people! This includes her grandfather Alex, who was a film director, and her great grandfather who was a photographer like her dad, who took lots of pictures of famous people back in the day!

13. Salish Has Done Lots of Collabs

Salish is best known for her appearances on YouTube, where she frequently collabs with people like Nidal Wonder, as well as the rest of her family! Her videos include pranks, competitions and challenges!

14. She Lives in LA

Although she was born in New York, Salish and her family now live in LA, the perfect place for someone in the entertainment industry! It doesn't hurt that it's near the beach too!

15. Her Name Has an Interesting History

According to the internet, Salish is a name with Native American roots, from the Salish tribe who live in the Pacific North West of the USA and Canada. It's an anglicized version of the origina word 'Selis'

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