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Sloth Facts

Slow down, relax, and enjoy a calming yet interesting article filled with facts about sloths.

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2022

Everybody loves a sloth. There's something strangely familiar about this slow mammal that lazes around all day snacking. I'm not sure what it is though? When you've crept to the end of these facts, test your slothful knowledge with our sloth quiz. If this page is too chilled for you, check out slightly more exciting animal facts or some slightly funnier fun facts.

1. On average, sloths travel only 41 yards per day!

41 yards is less than half the length of a football field or 63 Xboxes, if you're a bit more slothful.

2. Sloths snooze for about 15 hours per day

I am so jealous of sloths right now. 

3. You wouldn't want to kiss a sloth

Sloths don’t have incisor teeth, instead they smack their hard lips together to trim leaves!

4. Sloths are strong swimmers!

Sloths  can do the breaststroke! Because they live in the often flooded rainforests, the ability to swim is essential to help them get from A to B. Extra fact: Sloths do not wear trunks and usually swim completely nude!

5. Sloths are hunted by jaguars and eagles

It's lucky for the sloth that they never team up. A jaguar and an eagle attacking as part of a super-predator tag-team would be TOTALLY AWESOME. 

6. As per usual the biggest threat to sloths is... us!

Grown-up human's are destroying their habitat and it's time we did something about it. What hope has slothkind against such relentless greed?

7. Sloths are the only mammal that doesn't fart!

Unsuprising fact: The digestive system of a sloth is slow and it takes days to digest the leaves. Surprising fact: The sloth's gut produce methane but instead of being released out of the bum in the usual humorous, stinky way, the methane is absorbed into the blood.

8. Sloths have stinky breath!

Because sloths don't fart, the methane in eventually breathed out through their mouths. Another reason why you don't want to kiss a sloth: Fart breath

9. Sloths do really massive poo!

Massive poos are another side effect of a sloth's slow digestive system! They can lose up a third of their bodyweight doing a poo. To put it in perspective, that's like an adult man doing a poo the weight of 9 PS4's. Yikes!

10. Sloths are green!

A sloth's slow and chilled-out existence allows algae to grow in its fur! This can cause its fur to turn a little bit green. Not just stylish but also practical... The green makes for great camouflage from predators like eagles carrying jaguars to drop into the forest canopy like living feline death-bombs.