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Which Star Wars Planet Would You Live On?

Have you ever watched the Star Wars films but can't decide where you'd live? Take this scientific quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 27th 2022

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away is a whole load of awesome planets featured in the Star Wars films. It’s probably the most geographically diverse, fictional world ever created, with a planet of every single type you could imagine. From the jungle worlds of Endor and Ajan Kloss, via the desert spheres of Abafar and Tatooine, to the Imperial Penal Colony Planet of Wobani, there’s literally a zillion of holiday destinations to choose from.

But when it comes to settling down, it’s a harder question. Do you really want a Hothwomper for a neighbour? Are Ewoks a bit annoying? Is Jar-Jar Binks going to want to pop round for a cup of tea EVERY DAY! The question Which Star Wars Planet Would You Live On? is trickier than a Cantina business deal with Greedo the Bounty Hunter, so it’s very lucky we’ve created this quiz!


What type of home are you looking for?


What’s top of your dream home wishlist?

3/12 A lake

What's your favourite type of holiday?

4/12 Yoda on a boat

What's your favourite type of transport?


What are your thoughts on sunshine?

6/12 Crisps

What's your favourite type of food?

7/12 A diner

Where do you like to eat?

8/12 Death Star

Which Star Wars character could you be best mates with?

9/12 A house on a lake

What would your dream house look like?

10/12 Snowman on Hoth
Disney | Wikicommons

It's snowing. What do you want to do?

11/12 Snowy day

How do you keep warm on a chilly day?

12/12 Jogging with BB-8

What's your favourite sport?

An image of the Star Wars planet Tatooine


You love anywhere that's hot and sunny. With its desert and dust, Tatooine is the place for you. Best wear sunglasses.

An image of the Star Wars planet Dagobah


You love swamps and humid forests. Why not pay a visit to a Dagobah estate agent?

An image of the Star Wars planet Hoth


You wish it could be winter all year round. Why not live on Hoth? Take some extra socks, though. It's a bit chilly.

An image of the Star Wars planet Eadu


Eadu is full of mountains, rocks and is likely to rain every day. Pack an umbrella, yeah?