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STAYC Quiz For True Fans!

Are you a bona-fide STAYC stan? See how you do in this fun trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 15th 2023

STAYC are one of the best Kpop girl bands out there, and they're only just getting started! If you're a real stan, you'll know all about them already - who's the oldest, what their first big hit was, and what STAYC stans are officially called! Can you get a perfect score in this trivia quiz? Give it a go! And if you need more Kpop - look no further! Find out your idol name, what position you'd be in your band, and your Blackpink bias!

STAYC Japan Official |

How many members are in STAYC?


What does STAYC stand for?


What was the group's original name?


Which member is the daughter of famous singer Park Nam-jung?


Which member is the leader?


What word do the band use to describe their style?


What's the STAYC fandom name?


What's the lead single on their first album, Star To A Young Culture?


Who is Yoon roommates with?


Who's the oldest member?

Oh no! Looks like you don't know everything about STAYC! Why not try once more and see if you can bring your score ?

Not bad at all! You're clearly a bit of a fan! Why not try again and see if yuou can bring your score up?

Great job! You're a STAYC stan for sure! But why not try again and see if you can get a perfect score?

PERFECT! You're the biggest STAYC stan in the world!