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The Ultimate Stray Kids Quiz!

How much do you know about Kpop icons Stray Kids? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 2nd 2022

Are you something of a K-pop superfan? What about Stray Kids? Do you know every single fact about this boy band? Why not test your knowledge with this awesome quiz?

Good luck!

1/12 Bang Chan from Stray Kids
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

Which country did Bang Chan move to when he was a young child?

2/12 Stray Kids cat costume
@realstraykids | Instagram

Which member of the group has three cats called Sooni, Doongi and Dori?

3/12 Hyunjin of Stray Kids
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

Hyunjin has two nicknames. What are they?

4/12 A squirrel

One of the Stray Kids is nicknamed Squirrel. Which one?

5/12 Chilli Peppers

Felix doesn't like spicy food. True or false?

6/12 Baseball pitch GIF

Which member originally wanted to be a baseball player?

7/12 Bruno Mars
@brunomars | Instagram

Whose role model is Bruno Mars?

8/12 A confused pug
@barkpost | Giphy

We don't know what this pug is called. We know what Bang Chan has name his dog, though. Do you?

9/12 A map of South Korea
@realstraykids | Instagram

In which city are Stray Kids based?

10/12 Stray Kids group shot
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

Which year did the group form?

11/12 Stray Kids at Halloween
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

Which of the following releases is not by Stray Kids?

12/12 Stray Kids posing on a small platform
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

Which member of Stray Kids left the group in 2019?

Oh no
@realstraykids | Instagram

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try
@realstraykids | Instagram

Good try! Why not have another go?

Great work
@realstraykids | Instagram

Great work! You're clearly a Stray Kids fan!

@realstraykids | Instagram

Wow! You must be a Stray Kids fan with a score like this!