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The Batman Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Take this quiz to test how much do you know about DC Comics’ Batman!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 14th 2022

How much do you know about the awesome superhero Batman? This Batman quiz will test your knowledge of the Dark Knight and the super-villains that drive him to seek justice! Every question you get wrong, drags Gotham nearer to sinking into a pit of crime. When you’ve cleaned the city streets of crime, take our What Batman Character Are You? and have a giggle at our 24 Batman Jokes That Will Have You Cape-tivated

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1/10 What rodent is the superhero Batman based on?


In which festering, crime-ridden city does Batman live?


What is Batman’s butler called?


What is Batman’s car commonly called?


Which Batman villain is named after a plant?

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6/10 Which bird lends its name to a Batman villain?


Which Batman villain can be found in a pack of cards?


Where does Batman keep his stuff?


What is Batman’s real name?


Where is the Asylum?

Gotham has fallen! You’re lack of Batman knowledge has cost Gotham dearly!

Not bad. Gotham survives the latest crime wave, but only just. The citizens are scared and the Mayor is livid!

Great Work! Gotham is safe. The Joker is back in Arkham Aslyum and everybody can sleep safe tonight!

Genius Score! Gotham is rid of crime forever. Batman can retire and maybe Alfred can finally take a holiday. Poor chap. Well done, your Batman knowledge is unsurpassed!